Mariya Blyznyuk



Born in the city of Fergana, Uzbekistan, at the age of 10 Mariya moved with her parents to Ukraine, where she actively started drawing and painting in Art Studios, and graduated from the School of Arts in the city of Kremenchuk, Ukraine.
After graduating from the National Pedagogical University in Kharkiv, Ukraine with the Bachelor degree in Arts and Graphics in 1992, she worked as Arts teacher in the Kremenchuk School of Arts.
After graduating from the National Academy of Government Managerial Staff of Culture and Arts in Kiev, Ukraine with Degree in Management and Marketing in 1997, Mariya founded the “The Green Lion” Advertising Agency, where she worked as the Lead Designer.
Traveling to many countries, enriched her creativity with influence from many cultures, inspiring on new paintings.
In 2007 Mariya came to Canada and settled in Newmarket, Ontario, where she founded “The Green Lion” Arts Studio for kids and adults, teaching painting, graphics and illustrations.
For over 10 years, Mariya has been doing Master Classes in painting for adults and kids, helping many people to open their potential of creativity they didn’t expect in themselves, bringing fresh taste in their life, making it more colorful, beautiful, full of joy and love, new ideas, inventions and inspirations.
Mariya participated in many Galleries and Exhibitions:
December, 2015 – at Bezpala Brown Gallery in Toronto downtown
December, 2015 – at Richmond Hill Center for the Performing Arts
September, 2016 – at the Art Club of Newmarket
May ‎30, ‎2017 – at the “Art at Heart” exhibition in Toronto
June, 2017 – at the Art Street Festival in King City downtown
March – February 2018 – Mariya’s paintings were featured in the Property Brothers TV Show, showcasing an effective example of interior design.
March, 2019 – at the Richmond Hill Group of Artists
April, 2021 – at annual ‘Rotunda Show’ in the City Hall of Barrie
May-December 2021-2022 – shows at the Barrie Art Club
January- February 2023 – at the Simcoe County Museum
March, 2023 – at the “All Things Maple” exhibition at Muskoka Chapel Gallery
April, 2023 – art class in Ukrainian traditional Easter eggs painting “Krapanka” at Maclaren Art Center in Barrie
May, 2023 – at annual ‘Rotunda Show’ in the City Hall of Barrie
September, 2023 – Federation Of Canadian Artists, Toronto. Sunnybrook Fine art Shows.
January, 2024 – Federation Of Canadian Artists “Artist’s Choice”
January, 2024 – Federation Of Canadian Artists   “Scenes from Canada”

Mariya is a Member of the Richmond Hill Group of Artists, Newmarket Group of Artists, King City Group of Artists, Barrie Art Club, Muskoka Art Club, and the Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Mariya’s painting covers wide range of subject matters …landscapes, seascapes, buildings, boats, wildlife, flowers. Viewing Mariya’s artwork, you will notice her expressive brush strokes infused with translucent hues and moods as well as dreamy and poetic elements, inspiring moments.