Exclusive Master Clases in Greece. July 30 – 06 August, 2019

Exclusive Master Classes in Greece.
From Athens to Pelion!
From the “Green Lion Arts Studio”, with artist Mariya Blyznyuk.
Athens – Pelion.
July30 – 06 August, 2019
Master Classes are tailored for creative people with various skill levels, willing to master oil and pastel painting on canvas, and create their own masterpieces of the most picturesque places in Greece.
Mariya’s 20+ years of teaching arts, design, graphics and other creative applications will help you make your dream real, while the magnificent Pelion, will make your trip and memories of it unforgettable.
You are also welcome to find more details, see works and attend regular Art Classes and Master Classes in person at Mariya’s private Green Lion Arts Studio in Newmarket, Ontario

Adults – 2,500.00 CAD
Kids 8-15 years old – 20% discount
Medical insurance – at additional cost

If you have questions,
please do not hesitate to contact Mariya directly at:
tel: 1-647-204-7844 email: toronto_designer@yahoo.ca

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